ISO 22716 (GMP) requirements for cosmetic manufacturers


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Features of the classification. Medical devices on the border of definitions.

PharmaTechExpo Journal №1-2, 2020. The text of the article is available only in Ukrainian

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Recognition of EU certificates for medical devices: prospects and opportunities

Quality management // № 09 / 2023, September The procedure for assessing the conformity of medical devices through the recognition of EU certificates is one of the possible ways to introduce medical devices into circulation in conditions of war, pandemic or other force majeure circumstances that prevent conformity assessment bodies from conducting regular assessment procedures […]

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Changes in the medical device regulation in Ukraine

In connection with the establishment of conformity assessment processes and the possibility of carrying out works that ensure the availability of the necessary products on the Ukrainian market with confirmed safety and efficiency, on August 9, 2022, the Ministry of Health withdrew the letter dated February 25, 2022 No. 24-04/5396/2-22 allowing the placing of the […]

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