Heat & Cold & Humidity Test Chamber, HCHC

Climatic tests

Tearing machine

Tests of specimens for resistance to tension, compression, tear and puncture

Laboratory water bath VB-20

Maintaining a constant sample temperature with the possibility of stirring

Orbital shaker S-3 MICROmed

Stirring and shaking liquids and solutions in test tubes and laboratory glassware with a flat bottom

Microscope XS-5520 MICROmed

Visual test methods

Laboratory libra Ohaus Pioner RA 214C

Mass measurement

Burette 0-50 ml Qualıcolor

Determination of the volume of liquids

pH-meter MW102

Determination of acidity level

Digital luxmeter with a remote sensor LX1010BS with a choice of measurement range

Light level control in laboratory rooms

Micrometer smooth with digital reading device МКЦ(4)-25

Thickness measurement

Vernier caliper ШЦ-1-125-0.02

Determination of linear dimensions

Head layout

Testing the strength characteristics of personal protective equipment