Conformity assessment of personal protective equipment in accordance with the new Technical Regulations No. 771





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UNI-CERT Conference hall

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Documents required for legal placement of medical devices on the market. Market surveillance.

PROGRAM Temporary changes in the rules of import of medical devices and personal protective equipment needed to prevent the COVID-19 Conformity assessment procedures: self-declaration or assessment with the involvement of a designated body Requirements for accompanying documentation: labeling, instructions for use, declaration of conformity Application of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On ensuring […]

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Standard ISO 22716 “Cosmetics. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)”

On September 21, 2023, the XVIII specialized conference “BEAUTY TECH. INNOVATIONS IN PRODUCTION: RAW MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES”, at which Tetyana Remzhina, head of the department of the accredited body “UNI-CERT”, will make a report on the topic: “Standard ISO 22716 “Cosmetics. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)”. During this report, listeners will be able to receive information […]

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The main provisions of the principles of HACCP. The practice of developing and implementing the principles of HACCP at the enterprise.

The program of the event is available only on Ukrainian or Russian

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