How to make interlaboratory comparisons of test methods


PharmaTechExpo Journal | SPECIAL ISSUE 2021

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Requirements and rules for placing medical devices on the market, including in vitro, for legal implementation

PROGRAM The importance of quality control of medical products for business Classification of medical products SI units Marking. Meaning of symbols. New symbols of 2022. Instructions for medical products Accompanying documents. Certificates of conformity. Declaration of conformity. Methods of checking the validity of certificates

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Certification of medical device manufacturing by pharmaceutical companies

PROGRAM Nomenclature of medical devices in the “product portfolio” of pharmaceutical companies: medical devices supplied with a medicinal product medical devices for drug delivery products that are integral with the medicinal product products for IVD, RUO (research use only) and general laboratory equipment medical / cosmetic / hygienic purpose of products aids (accessories) Requirements of […]

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Register of persons responsible for the placing medical devices on the market has become operational in Ukraine

The Register of persons responsible for the placing medical devices on the market is displayed in public access on the official website of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control, providing the possibility of convenient search of information in the Register of Persons in accordance with the specified search parameters, at the […]

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