Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Certification

What is Remote Audit?



Remote audit is the same as on-site audit, but the auditor interacts with you through via technology. The audit still cover document and record review, tours of your premises, interviews with employees and presentation of results using a range of technology communication platforms, including:

  • Webcasting technology such as Webex, Zoom, MS Teams;
  • Live streaming combined with mobile technologies such as a smartphone or tablet with video capabilities (such as Skype).

What are the benefits of UNI-CERT remote audit?

  • Implementation of all planned activities in accordance with a schedule;
  • Certification in the conditions of international quarantine;
  • Reducing costs by reducing travel for your and our team;
  • Flexible Approach – we match the communication technology that works best for you;
  • Involvement your team of experts, no matter where they are located;
  • This is an amazing audit experience with the same level of reliability.

Our approach to remote audit

The auditor is located outside your premises and audits remotely, using modern telecommunications, evaluating your site (s), conducting interviews, reviewing records and records, or observing processes and activities with your team.

Depending on the individual audit requirements, we have the opportunity to apply different technologies to best use the audit experience in conducting an in-depth analysis of the functioning of your business processes. It also allows you to collect data safely and deliver the most effective experience.

How does a remote audit work?

Remote audit is a part of the conformity assessment procedure that is carried out for compliance with the requirements of the relevant Technical Regulation, ISO 13485 standard and other appropriate standards in accordance with the profile of your company. In this case, instead of the physical presence of the auditor on site, telecommunication tools are used in accordance with IAF MD 4 “Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) during audit / evaluation” and IAF ID 12 “Principles of Remote Assessment”, to achieve the audit objectives, in particular, to determine the ability of the QMS to ensure the compliance of the company’s products, processes and services with the applicable legislative, regulations and contractual requirements, to determine the effectiveness of the QMS by evaluating the parameters of its functioning, optimize the company’s operations and, where possible, identify areas for potential improvement.

It should be emphasized that the remote audit procedure is a temporary measure because it carries significant risks. In connection with this, CAB Uni-Cert, LLC has developed specific requirements for the application of such audit, including:

  • Signing additional legal documents with the manufacturer;
  • Thorough co-planning procedure in the context of the use of certain telecommunication tools;
  • Determining the amount of confidential information and settlementing of issues regarding its sharing during the audit;
  • Adjusting for audio and video recording during the audit;;
  • Specific requirements for personnel, documentation, etc.

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