Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Certification


Seminars 2020


Date   Title   Registration
06.02.2020 Thursday 10.00–13.00 Medical device conformity assessment through EC-certificates recognition. Program  Application
25.02.2020 Tuesday  10.00–15.00 Medical devices vs Medicines: regulatory aspects, comparative advertising and promotion, risks of unfair competition and intellectual property protection in 2020. Program  Application
05.03.2020 Thursday 10.00–14.00 Features of the internal audit. Requirements for the new version of ISO 19011:2018. Program  Application
10.04.2020 Friday      11.00–15.00 Main requirements of ISO 13485. Risk management according to DSTU EN ISO 14971. Program  Application
16.04.2020 Thursday 11.00–14.00 Conformity assessment for I class medical devices. Technical file structure. Program  Application
21.04.2020 Tuesday    11.00–14.00 HACCP. Preparation of the system and personnel for verification by the State Service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection. Program  Application
23.04.2020 Thursday 11.00–15.00 Conformity assessment requirements for subcontracting manufacture (OBL-OEM). Technical file structure. Program  Application
13.05.2020 Wednesday 11.00–14.00   Relevance of medical device conformity assessment through EC-certificates recognition in a global pandemic   Program  Application
09.07.2020 Thursday    11.00–14.00 Conducting internal audits on the new version of ISO 19011 for food enterprises. Program  Application
30.07.2020 Thursday 11.00–15.00 Theory and practice of effective internal audit.  Program  Application
07.08.2020 Thursday   11.00–14.00 Labeling requirements for food products. Overview of the legislation of Ukraine and the European Union. Program  Application


Roman Mykhalko Anna Telpiakova Roman Pychak
Olena Nazarchuk Nikolay Matlaev Nataliia Mekhed
Tatyana Remzhina

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